Monday, August 8, 2011


In early July, craziness overtook our home again.

A good kind of craziness.  One that requires lots of groceries,

swim goggles,

and gloves,

sharp knives,

and other crazy people, like Amanda and Rian. 
The kind of craziness that requires every bowl and pot in the house to get dirty, all at once,

and the kind of craziness that Lauren and Julie just can't stay away from.

The 9 hour, 80 meal, freezer cooking frenzy hit our house on July 2nd.  As unstable as it sounds, it's the only kind of craziness that brings sanity to my dinner hour.  See you ladies for another dose of sanity-inducing insanity in a few months!

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  1. Good Times!!! And you and I are about on the same weekend on our blog updating! Thanks again for all that you do to bring a dose of sanity to my family with planning/ hosting freezer meals! :-)