Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not Quite Happy Endings

While Grandma Mary was here we took her to visit one of our favorite summertime spots:  the butterfly garden at Brookside Gardens.

We learned about butterflies, catepillars, and cocoons and saw a ton of butterflies.

Joey was the only one lucky enough to have a butterfly land on him,

but each girl did get to hold a real (dead) butterfly before we left. 

The butterflies are very fragile and very soft.

The girls were surprisingly careful

with some additional guidance from grandma.

After we'd seen the butterflies, we went to the gazebo over the pond and had a picnic lunch while we watched the turtles and geese swim.  We made a second attempt at visiting the butterfly garden before heading home, but it proved to be too much for our crew.  A few moments after entering the garden, Liyah, for the second time that morning, bit one of her sisters.  Xandra's howling and then Liyah's howling was more than anyone could manage.  We made a quick exit and headed home for naptime.  Not a pleasant end to a mostly pleasant morning, but it's rarely all fairy tales and picture books at our house, even when Grandma's in town. 

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