Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Colonial Kind of Day

On Saturday of Grandma & Grandpa's visit, we drug the whole crew to Mt. Vernon.  In the almost four years we've lived in the DC area, we've never visited.  The day started with lunch just outside the grounds under a shady tree.

Then we made our way inside to the visitor's center.

Everyone liked it but Joey, who was briefly confined to his stroller and very unhappy about it.  It's hard to be the baby. 

Here's the mansion, under construction.

Evidentally they were rustificating old George's house.  You can read about it below.

One of my favorite parts of the afternoon was a stop in to hear Mrs. Washington talk.  They had someone dressed as her who was talking and answering questions about their life.  Very interesting and also air conditioned.

While Mary, Tim and I toured the mansion, Joe was on kid patrol.

It looks like they enjoyed their time overlooking the Potomac.

Other highlights of the day were the blacksmiths (Joe) and also helping winnow the wheat from the 16 sided barn.  The people below are historians who work for the Mt. Vernon estate.  They dress like this everyday and spend their time working in the fields, winnowing wheat, and educating people like us about the ways of the colonial folks.  Fascinating, really.

The property included some beautfiul wooded areas that we hiked through on our way to the museum.

The museum had more information than one person could absorb in a week.  They also had a fun interactive area for kids that we found much too late in the day.

The best part of the interactive kids room was the dress up.

The girls thought this was grand.

After this shot was snapped, the kids and women headed home

and the crazy, ambitious men among us headed to Manassas for a guided tour of the battleground there.

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  1. I love your dress-up photos! The girls smiled so beautifully and looked so cute!!!