Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stop and See the Chicken


On the way from Minnesota to North Dokota, or vice versa, we always pass a very important monument.  Until a recent summer night, we've never taken the time to properly appreciate this important symbol in our midst.  Finally, Joe could pass by no longer without acknowleding this special monument in our midst...

the world's largest prairie chicken.

Located in Rothsay, Minnesota approximately 30 minutes from my in-laws doorstep,

at the precise spot where you are just ready to be done travelling and out of the car, but you know you can hang on for just another 30 minutes as long as you don't have to make any more stops.

It is at that precise moment that your husband decides its time to take a family picture at the World's Largest Prairie Chicken.

So, you begrudgingly climb from the car, when everyone has already happily run ahead, pull out the camera, take the shot, roll your eyes at your husband and calculate that if you weren't staring at this oversized chicken, 

you'd be 15 minutes from home,

and then you zoom in and see the smiling faces of your children and their prairie chicken excitement

and you feel bad, because you're not enjoying this monumental moment.  Instead you're grumpy. 

And then you look up and see the sunset, that you would never had seen if you hadn't stopped because you'd be travelling in the opposite direction

and then you're thankful for God's faithfulness and the beauty He creates, and while you're still not excited about the oversized prairie chicken, you concede that the stop was worth it.  

Especially when you read that the purpose of the prairie chicken monument is to remind visitors of the beauty of the prairie.

Mission accomplished.  Even for grumpy mamas.
Some people stop and smell the roses.  We stop and see the prairie chicken.
Sometimes God's beauty is in the most unexpected places.

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