Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On The Prairie, Part 2


While everyone was getting their hair braided and bonnets/bandanas/aprons selected, the party goers colored.




Then we broke into groups and made cornbread.

Lexi & Abby

As I was giving instructions, Daniel Boone here, decided to release fire.

Some of our guests were very amused.

In Laura's time, the girls would have had to collect the eggs and milk from the animals, outside.

So, our partygoers did the same thing, 

headed out in search of cows and chickens.

When they found the animals, they were required to retrieve the milk and eggs.

No animals were harmed in the process.

Cousin Kiyah & Cousin Lucy


Aliyah & Cousin Laney

Lexi, Abby, Cousin Cora, Xandra

While we mixed cornbread, several of the kids worked on whipping some butter for the bread.


To be continued...

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