Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Little to the Right and Behind


As I was in the house preparing children and diaper bags and various items to leave the house one morning, my children were outside.  And here's what happened:

Joey threw something on top of the van.  What it was, I cannot remember. The children who were outdoors, collectively decided that the best way to get the item off said van was to throw Tikvah's shoe at it and knock it off.  So, Theia grabbed Tikvah's shoe, and standing on the sidewalk in front of the large window on the house, facing the van, proceeded to throw the shoe hiiiiiiiiiiigh into the air

and the shoe landed on the roof

of the house

just to the right of the front door, behind her and in the opposite direction of the van.

And I laughed VERY, VERY hard for a VERY long time.

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