Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcoming Committee

For the first day of Isaiah's life it was just daddy,


the computer, mommy and one little baby's noise.
Then the welcoming crew arrived.

They were SO excited to meet him

and hold him.

They were very proud

to have a new brother.

Joey held him for about 3 seconds and then climbed down, without waiting for someone to take the baby.  No babies were harmed in the process.

Even Tikvah got a turn to hold the baby, or rather, lovingly poke the baby.

After introductions were made, we moved on to our traditional "welcome to the world, new baby" popcorn party.

It's kind of like the celebration dinner, everyone toasts the baby, eats the food and leaves the baby out.

Grandma Mary was a part of the welcoming crew, too.

The kids generously agreed to let her hold the baby for a few moments, but they kept a careful watch on her.

After climbing on the bed, pushing all the buttons they could find in the room, exploring the bathroom, taking in the fantastic view, and using the restroom at least once each,

Grandma Mary snapped a few photos of the whole crew together,

we said goodbye,

and they left, a trail of popcorn and quiet in their wake. 

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