Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parting Shots

A few more fun shots from our time in Lincoln.  All four "big girls" ready for bed.  The girls had so much fun having Emma over for a sleepover a few of the nights we visited.
Tikvah in the bouncy seat, but under the blanket.  Somehow the kids thought they were being helpful with this and that the baby would really like it.  I'm pretty sure it ended with Tikvah crying.

Joey sporting some sparkly sunglasses and a flashlight.  He thought he was hot stuff.  He is, but it's not really enhanced by the glasses.

Joey and Aunt Tami.  He knows who to make friends with...she buys the presents.

The questions usually start upon backing out of the driveway.  "When will we see Emma agian?  When are we going to come back and visit Grandma DeShon?..."  I'm grateful to live close enough now that I can say, it won't be long.

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