Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Timer

In May Joe participated in his first half marathon:  the Fargo Half Marathon.  Tikvah and I were the only early risers that made the trip to cheer him on.  We left the other kids sawing logs at Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tim's place.

This is what the official start of the race looked like:

complete with motorcycles, bikers, and then runners, lots and lots of runners.

We missed Joe at the start line, but we did see Elvis, or rather someone dressed like Elvis, who happened to be the fiance of Joe's sister's husband's sister.

We may have missed him come across the start line, but we didn't miss him at the finish.  There he is in white on the right side.

He finished just behind his sister, Bethany, and her husband, Josh.  This was Bethany's first half marathon, too. Josh was the pro among the group having completed the last three Fargo Half Marathons.

Joe was happy to have finished, and in good time.  I think he was mostly happy about the free pizza and chocolate milk they gave away at the finish.  The only finish line downer?  His bloody shirt and sore nipples.

Band-aids are a marvelous invention for male distance runners, especially when you remember to use them.

We took the customary post-race family picture

and captured one for Beth and Josh.

Tikvah wore Joe's medal,

congratulated him on his finish:  1:52:33 and then headed home for a much needed nap, for all three of us.

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