Saturday, August 25, 2012

Like a Home Run

While in Lincoln one of our other adventures involved attending one of cousin Nick's baseball games.  Grandpa, while not an official coach, helps boss the kids around.  Unlike Grandpa's own children, these children actually listen to grandpa.  I have no idea why.

While grandpa was managing the team, Emma helped me manage the female portion of  my team.

The details of the game are a bit fuzzy to me, as Joey provides full time entertainment for me at events where there are wide open spaces, trash cans, parking lots, bathrooms without doors, and other people.  I did however have time to snap this shot of Nick at bat, cheer him on, and see him hit the ball and make it safely to base.

I also managed to keep Joey mostly out of trouble, which is just like hitting a home run in my world.

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