Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Sizable Crew

When Tikvah was about 2 1/2 weeks old, I bravely made my first venture out of the house with all five kids.  We headed to Fargo to play at Lindenwood Park with the Hermunslie and Gonser cousins. 

Everyone took turns swinging, usually together.
Evie and Aliyah
Laney and Liam


Theia and Cora
Aliyah was having a tough morning and spent a significant amount of time like this

on a park bench alone.

Uncle Josh was there and gave the kids a great ride on this sway fun toy.

The Aunties (minus me) made a run to McDonald's for some lunch and the whole crew,

the sizable crew,

like the size of a small daycare (two five year olds, three four year olds, one three year old, one two year old, two one year olds, one infant and one newborn (boy that's confusing!))),

enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

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