Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Big Three, Delayed

We celebrated Aliyah's third birthday about nine days behind schedule.  Tikvah's March 2nd birth meant that Joe and I were still in the hospital on Aliyah's actual big day.  One of the many good things about young children like Aliyah is that they're none the wiser when their birthday/birthday parties should occur and aren't ruffled by nine day delays.

Delayed or not, all third birthdays need cake.

They also need fancily dressed birthday girls.

At our house third birthdays also mean you get to decorate your own cake,

which is very serious business.

Xandra and Theia enjoyed helping, too.

The finished product included

sprinkles, marshmallow bunnies and pastel M & M's.

It was something the whole family could get excited about!

After dinner we opened presents,

displayed them for all to see,

and spent sometime enjoying them

before blowing out the candles

and digging into that beautifully decorated cake.

Happy Birthday beautiful bandicoot.

We're so glad you're ours!

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