Thursday, June 14, 2012

Popping Up

Somewhere in the mist and the haze of newborn days our good friend David stopped by to take a break from his military jetsetting ways.  He came bearing gifts, as he is often prone to do when he visits us.  This time his gifts were Kinder Eggs. He had to hand deliver these candy eggs he bought in Germany because it is illegal to mail them in the United States.  Look up the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 to learn more.  These eggs are really quite cool as they each have a little toy, often much larger and cooler than what you would imagine would fit in a plastic egg.  Our eggs contained the spirograph pictured below, a girafffe, car, cloth frisbee, magnifying glass and more.  The kids loved them and the chocolate wrapped around the plastic egg was a hit too!


Aside from the excitement of the contraband Kinder Eggs, we hung out, he taught Xandra to play our new Seven Wonders game (I think she's got a ways to go, but she fondly remembers David because of it), held the baby,

and then took off with Joe to the much quieter and calmer abode of their friend and former teacher, Mrs. Hoerer.

We never know where Mr. David will pop up, but we're always glad when he does!

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