Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Girl

We celebrated Theia's fourth birthday as a family in very typical Pull fashion.  We started with homemade pizza for dinner,

followed by Theia very eagerly opening her presents.

The first present was a small, red jewelery box from Ms. Carol.  It had a kitty embroidered on it and was stuffed with jewelery.

She LOVED this super girl costume from Aunt Tami and Uncle Josh

and wore the eyemask for the rest of the evening.

Joe found this Smashed Potatoes game at a local store and it was a hit for the whole family.

There were molds for making the potato head playing pieces out of playdoh.

The object of the game was to make it to the farm without getting snipped, cut, french fried or potato chipped. 

The first time someone got french fried, it was Aliyah.

She was shocked.  Her face was priceless.

We simply put her back at start and made her a new playing piece.  We laughed a lot playing that game.  There's something very satisfying about smashing a potato head in the french frier or making it into a potato chip.
After our cut throat game, we enjoyed some more pink blanky cake since Joe missed out on the first round of cake at the big slumber party.

Our girls never mind another slice of cake

and scoop of ice cream.

I never mind an opportunity to celebrate with them either.

How could I not?

she's a SUPER girl!

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