Monday, April 16, 2012


After a recent stint in Germany with the Army, our friend David, as he is oft prone to do after he's travelled the world, sent us a package in the mail.  This package, which arrived between my birthday and Valentine's Day (perfect timing), was stuffed FULL of German candy.

It seems before he left Germany, he robbed a local candy store (he really didn't, it just seemed like that to us), and then sent us half of the loot garnered from the shelves of said store.

The girls were VERY excited about the arrival of David's box, almost as excited as the adults in the house.

They were even more excited about eating these tasty hippos after dinner.

Before they gobbled them up, they made their best hippo faces

and then happily set to work trying to put a dent in the mountainous pile of candy.

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  1. Love the hippos (and the candy ones too!). These were the first thing to catch my eye in the candy pictures so I was delighted to see them again :-)