Friday, April 13, 2012


Shortly after we scheduled a slumber party at our home involving nine children under the age of six, Joe conveniently had to take a trip for job interviews on the very day we'd scheduled the big event.

Conveniently, the other moms (Julie, Lauren and Naomi) dropping their kids off decided to stay and help me manage the troops for a few hours.  

One of those moms, Julie, had a birthday the next day and I had a birthday the next month.  Conveniently, we used all of this as an excuse to enjoy cheesecake while the kids dined on their cake.

First there were candles.  Lauren, the bringer of the cheesecake, conveniently left off 90% (or more) of the appropriate number of candles.

Then the extinguishing of the candles.  I'm glad we could be in this picture together, Julie.

Then the consumption of the cheesecake, which, conveniently, I have no pictoral record of how much cheesecake was actually consumed.  For all anyone knows or remembers, we didn't eat ANY cheesecake.

Convenient how that works, isn't it?

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