Sunday, September 4, 2011


On a recent morning as we were finishing up breakfast, Xandra looked over at me and said, "Mommy, you know what I'm thinking?"  I replied, "No, Xandra.  I have no idea what you are thinking."  "I'm thinking I should go and get the vacuum and sweep the floor in here for you," she replied.  I, thinking there was no way she could even physically get the vacuum out of the closet, replied, "Uh.  Okay, Xandra.  Go ahead."  She then prceeded to go to the closet, get the vacuum, bring it into the living room and vacuum the floor.

I was shocked.

And happy.  With some guidance, she did a fairly good job.

Then, of course, Theia and Liyah, never wanting to be left out, asked if they could have the broom and dust pan.  I happily obliged and they, too, got to work

sweeping the bathroom floor.

Or at least moving the dirt around some.

A few days later Joey decided he, too, wanted to help.  After watching me vacuum the front room carpets and head outside to put something in the car, he got to work.

He managed to move the lever, pull the canister out, dump it over and aright it in the time it took me to walk to our car at the curb and back (a total of 1 minute, max).

I had no idea they were capable of such things.  Clearly, I have underestimated all four of them.

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