Friday, September 2, 2011

Shared Chaos

We're always happy to share a bit of our chaos with anyone who's brave enough to enter our home.  Late July and early August brought some such courageous individuals, otherwise known as guests, to our our home.  Our friends, Jeffrey and Keri, with their son, Clark, in tow, stopped by for an afternoon of fun.

Jeffrey and Keri used to live here.  Literally.  The summer they moved to San Francisco, where they now reside, they spent their last two weeks living with us.  We liked that.

We didn't have as many kids then as we do now, but they are every bit as wily now as they were then, maybe more so.

This is the whole kid crew.  The extra on the right is Clark.  He and Joey are just a few weeks apart in age, but Clark is an entire head taller than Joey.

It didn't take long for Clark to get the hang of things around here.  In the picture below he's playing with pretend blush.  Sorry Jeffrey & Keri.

Before they left, we wanted a picture of all the adults.  Since Xandra has lots of past experience snapping pictures, she did the honors.

Not bad for an almost five year old.  Before they left Mr. Jeffrey wrastled (intentional misspelling)  them all up a bit.

Whenever he stopped, he was inundated with cries of "Me, me, me."  Clark has much to look forward to in the wrastling department.

We also enjoyed hosting "Mr. Seth", as he's known around these parts, for a month while he attended classes in DTSS (Downtown Silver Spring).

Mr. Seth slept in our sunroom for the month on a bed that was much too short for his 6'7" stature.  He was a very diligent studier and the perfect house guest.  He never complained about the bed, the questionable food, the screaming children, the cranky pregnant lady, or the messy house.    He has two little ones himself and a third one due in November, so he was no stranger to having fun with small children and the kids all loved him.   They also loved his phone.  That's where he kept all his pictures and videos of his kids and wife.  They were happy for any opportunity to sit next to him and snoop through his pictures.

Aside from the adventure of living in our chaos for a month, he won $100, got caught in a hail storm on a bike, and ate at nearly every restaurant in DTSS in a month.  An impressive list of accomplishments, although I never asked him what he considered his greatest adventure:  biking through the hail storm or sharing in a month of our chaos.

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