Saturday, September 10, 2011

PreParty Tea Party

The week of Xandra's fifth birthday brought much excitement to our home.  On the Tuesday before her birthday, we survived our second Maryland earthquake, a 5.8 on the richter scale.  We also endured the joys of the stomach flu travelling through all six family members and awoke on Satruday morning (her birthday) anticipating the effects of hurricane Irene to hit our area in the late afternoon.  Despite the added drama and setbacks to birthday week, the celebration of Xandra's fifth birthday continued as scheduled.  The morning began with waffles and milk enjoyed with our special day cup and plate.

At 10 o'clock Xandra's friend, Jillian (and her mom, Lauren), arrived for a tea party birthday party.  We had invited another friend, Ava, but she got sick the morning of the party with the aforementioned stomach flu and we were forced, after some tears and explaining, to celebrate without her.

To start, the girls decorated some fruit pizza shaped like butterflies. The adults helped too.

Next we gave each girl hats, gloves and purses and they decorated them to their liking with ribbons, flowers and sparkly gems.

Even daddy, as most daddys of three little girls do, got into the decorating.

Everyone's bear got a newly decorated hat, too.

Once the girls and their bears were all decked out, 

they headed off to a bear tea party in our sunroom while the adults worked to finish up last minute food preparations for the real tea party.

Once all the preparations had been made, 

each girl was escorted, with bear, into the tea room.

Part II continued tomorrow

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