Saturday, April 11, 2015

Up and Down

My 2015 goal is to catch our blog up to within one month of real life.  After doing some calculating a few weeks ago and realizing that it will be October, at the earliest, before I finish 2014, I've decided that a new plan is needed.  Beginning with this post, I will, as often as life allows, publish two posts a day.  One post, like the one below, will be from 2014.  The other post will be from 2015, beginning with January and moving forward.  It will probably all prove to be a bit confusing.  Welcome to life in our house.  

 To help me keep life in chronological order and to help any person who actually takes time to read this chronicling of our life (you crazy person, you), I will label the posts with the appropriate year to cut down a bit of the confusion.  The normal confusion regarding our house and its activities will remain.  Here's to catching up:


Shortly after I snapped pictures of Isaiah sitting in the kitchen,

I found this happy little monkey

pulling himself up

in his crib.

Now, to work on the age old problem of figuring out how to get down after he's already gotten up.

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