Sunday, April 12, 2015

At The Table


Sometimes, mostly because we're lazy and don't want to strap Isaiah in his booster seat at a meal, we let him sit at the table.  Please do not read the following blog post and expend any mental energy trying to explain to us how it would be easier to just strap him in his chair.  The not-strapping-him-in-his-chair decision is not rational.  It makes no sense to let a one year old loose at the table.  I recognize this.  It just doesn't alter my behavior.

This is what a meal looks like when Isaiah is let free at the table.

Do you see the gleam in his eye?  

 First he gets down, but not before he gets a bite to eat.  He does like to eat, he just doesn't like to sit still to do it.

Then he finds his blanket, sucks his thumb, climbs the step stool and surveys his kingdom.

With that out of the way, he moves his stepstool to a more convenient front of the counter.  I told you he likes to eat.

Next he steals whatever food he can possibly scavenge from the counter

and quickly eats it before anyone catches him.  Then he pretends to be helpful and pick up the washcloth to wipe down the counters for mommy.

When I shoo him down and tell him to sit back at the table.  He usually observes my suggestion for a few brief moments before he climbs down, gleam in eye, to start the fun again.

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