Monday, March 23, 2015

When All the Guests Arrived

Once the cake was

covered in yellow

and had just the right number of ladybugs,

and daddy had prepared

 the cheese trays,

and Mr. David had stopped by for a pre-party visit with Nala,

the guests arrived

Macie and Aliyah

Hannah, Abby, Aliyah

Counsins Grace, Liam & Laney

and the party FINALLY began.

We decorated butterfly placemats

with jewels,

painted nails, put on perfume, got head pieces on each girl and their bear,

and made fruit loop necklaces.

The boys looked especially dapper.

After all the getting ready, the guests were all seated in the Pull Tea Room.

They dined and enjoyed fantastic food

and stimulating conversation.

Cousin Laney

Cousin Kiyah


Cousin Cora

Birthday Girl Aliyah



Cousin Evie



Then we opened gifts

played some tea party bingo,

and enjoyed singing

and birthday cake.

The last big event of the day was the arrival of a special guest:

who was very entertaining.

but not so cleverly disguised.

Happy Birthday sweet Aliyah!

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