Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not Love at First Sight

Although in real life, Tikvah just turned three, on the blog we're now celebrating her when she was two:

A puppy cake.

She approved.  And I think she was blowing on it...she knows that when it's your birthday, you blow on the cake.

She requested pizza for dinner.

made by mama.

Sisters made cards.

Translation:  Happy Birthday Tikvah.  I love you.  I am so glad you are two.  I heart you.  From Theia, To:  Tikvah.

No party is complete without presents.

Tikvah's big gift, that I looked high and low for, was a teddy bear.  All of our kids have one and they play with them in place of dollies.  They also are all named similarly...with the initials of each child:  Alexandra Ruth Pull's bear is ARP, Aletheia Miriam Pull's bear is AMP...and Tikvah Elise Pull's bear is TEP.

Here is Tikvah's initial reaction to TEP:

We'll call that:  Not Love At First Sight.
For the first week Tikvah had TEP she cried and screamed whenever she saw him.  They've since warmed up to each other and Tikvah even likes TEP now, most days.

Tikvah's skirt and her dolly's matching skirt (which was actually for TEP, but Tikvah wouldn't even consider letting him wear it) were made by mommy.

The kitty glasses

and necklace are from sisters.

She wasn't thrilled with having TEP in her stroller.

Are we done yet?

Birthdays can be so overwhelming when you're two and you hate your presents.

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