Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brilliant Ideas

It appears that on February 7 of 2014, I was sick,

Joey wore a dress,

and my children got a hold of the camera.

They took 21 pictures

that look like this

and this

and this 

and this

Which is understandable

because you can never be sure with a digital camera that you got just the right shot.

And mom's dead on the couch, so why not?

Three days later, on my 36th birthday, they took a mere 89 more photos.  

Here are the highlights,

or lowlights,

depending on how your perspective.

I don't see me on the couch, dying,

but how did my kids capture the camera

and take 89 pictures

without me knowing it? 

Maybe this was the day the tied me up in the basement.
Just kidding.
I think.

At least it gives a little insight into their brains and what's important,

or at least, what's fun to photograph.

Ponies are loved

and evidently very hard to photograph. 

I think it's cause they're so active.

If you get 'em by the mane, though,

you can get a good close up

or 10. 

There really were 10.  

And approximately 10 of these

but just one of these. 

Ten or so, of these were in the line up, too (I quit counting at this point).

I think she was spinning in circles, 

because she got the hallway in one.

Tongues are equal in fascination

to fingers. 

and feet. 

There were approximately 10 pictures of each of the aforementioned body parts.

Toward the end, the photographer's pants give her away.

I remember her older sister doing this once, too.  Records show that Xandra only took 85 pictures.  I'd better go hide the camera before Aliyah gets any brilliant ideas.

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