Thursday, October 4, 2012


The most controversial thing about our North Dakota home is this brown wall. 
It's nice and neutral and very...brown.  Joe was in favor of keeping it brown.  He found it calm, relaxing and already painted.  He was happy to leave it that way. He wasn't alone in his thoughts.  About one half of the people who visited our home in the first month loved the brown wall. 
The other half of our visitors, like me, didn't love it.  I'm not really a brown person.  I like blues, reds (think great red wall of China from the Floral Court kitchen), pinks, yellows, and well, you know, colors.  Generally things that are not neutral.  I'm not neutral and evidently, in my home, my walls must not be neutral either.  Actually, in my defense, almost all of the walls in the house are painted this very nice tan/camel color.  I like it and I've no inclination to paint them.  I also like brown.  I just think it's too much brown and too much neutral.  A girl like me can only handle so much neutral, so much calm, relaxing, middle of the road before she gets out her ladder,
and applies some gray primer.

 Do you see the writing on the wall (above)?  It speaks of happiness.  Happiness that is blue.

Happiness that is a friend helping paint 
beautiful blue accent walls.  Thanks Beth!
While we painted that wall, the kids did some coloring,


and play-dohing of their own.
The end result was

beautiful pictures and

a beautiful blue, happy, non neutral wall that I very much enjoy.


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