Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Binturong Birthday

Our binturong turned a big one year old on September 11th.  In keeping with Pull tradition, he enjoyed his first fruit smoothie for breakfast,

and his first homemade pizza for dinner

which was enjoyed by the whole Pull clan.

After dinner, he gave opening presents a shot,

with some help from daddy and sisters.

His first present, a book featuring a binturong, was enjoyed by all, except Joey, who could have cared less.

While they read the book he tore into a basketball hoop

It took him awhile

but he finally conquered it.

Once opened it required some assembly from daddy.  What birthday isn't complete without something for daddy to assemble?

Then everyone took their best shot.

There was also a fun toy (I mean plate and utensils) from Grandma DeShon.  It's unclear who liked it more:  Joey or daddy.

He last present, also a 1st birthday tradition, was a stuffed binturong, 

which Aliyah rather enjoyed

before he made his new home in Joey's crib. 

Joey joined his binturong in bed a few minutes after we shot this video of him playing with his new toy:

Happy First Birthday Sweet Binturong!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Joey. Yea for boy toys! And I love how your older girls ended up without clothes on by the end of the post :)