Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Best Day of the Week

By far the most oft asked question in our house in the last year has been, "When do I get to go to Cubbies?"  The question has been spoken by Theia, usually in her best whining voice, and has long resounded with the answer in the fall (or after Xandra's birthday) after you turn three.  I'm confident there has been no event more anticipated than Theia's first night of Cubbies.  The girls could be heard talking and dreaming about it in their bed at night.  Xandra would tell Theia all about it and they would both say they hope they got to be kangaroos (Xandra's book group with the famous Ms. Meuschen) together.  Xandra promised her over and over to show her all about Cubbies and help her so she would know what to do when.  It was then with great joy that the girls prepared their things on that long awaited night in September.

Theia's normally silly, but when she gets excited her silliness takes on a whole new level.

Xandra made sure to wear her Cubbie vest, Cubbie shirt (under the vest) and bring her Cubbie bag and book from last year.

The first night of Cubbies the parents get to stay for awhile.  We enjoyed songs, a puppet show, and a special parents-only meeting.

The first week received rave reviews and Theia was most excited to report that they got juice for snack.  I'm pretty sure she had four dixie cups worth.

We worked all week long on our verses and the following week Theia was awarded with her very own Cubbie vest. The slideshow below needs little narration.  Thanks to my quick-fingered friend, Maureen, for the pictures.  It would have been a shame to miss this moment.

She's now earned her first patch and will be getting her second patch tonight.  Pretty amazing for a girl who often substitutes the word poop right into the middle of a Bible verse to which she has momentarily forgotten the words.  I've no idea if this type of recitation is reserved solely for me or if Ms. Meuschen also has the pleasure of being the recipient of this very unique translation of the Bible.  Either way, she's a bona fide Cubbie now, and just like it has been for Xandra for the last two years, the best day all week is Wednesday. 

My favorite part is seeing them enjoy it together.

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  1. Cooper LOVES going to cubbies too. He starts asking to go on Monday nights. He told me a few times on the way home how much he liked the cookies tonight! :)