Monday, July 18, 2011

Bringin' It Home

While visiting Assateague we took full advantage of being less than 50 yards from the ocean.  Several times a day we simply walked around the corner and found ourselves on a beautiful sandy, ocean beach.  While the girls weren't too excited about the actual ocean, they did love playing in the sand.

They also loved eating at the beach,

when they could talk their daddy into sharing the chips with them.

 Although we never managed to get a picture of him sandy-mouthed, we found that Baby Joe preferred to skip the chips and just eat the sand.

Since there was sand at the campsite, too, they were still creating masterpieces, with help from daddy, even when we weren't at the beach.

They were also burying daddy (with help from daddy) in the sand.

To put it simply, they loved the sand.

Our love for the beach was so great that we brought it home with us.  Four weeks after our beach stay I continue to find it all around my house, in the van, in carseats, on shoes, on the air mattress, and recently, in one of my pants pockets.   

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