Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Around The Campsite

Over Father's Day weekend in June, we set off for a Pull family adventure, camping style, at Assateague (aka Appateage, Anasteage, Blapabede, and Smasaneage via our two, three and four year olds) Island State Park.  We got in late Friday night, set up camp in the dark

and were fully awake and about our usual business by 5:30AM on Saturday,

plus a few wild ponies and other campers.

These feral horses live on Assateague Island and share their home with campers like us.

I have to admit that I was in total disbelief when the girls woke us up with cries of seeing horses out the tent window.  Finally to appease them, I dragged myself to their side of the tent, only to discover they weren't imagining things, there really were ponies outside our tent.

We spent our first morning at the campsite packing up and moving to another campsite.  The kids enjoyed playing in the sand while we got settled. 

Dinner around the campsite was much like dinner at home:  messy.

Camping is hard work and wore the kids out.  On our second morning at the campsite, Aliyah climbed in our van, buckled herself in Xandra's carseat and promptly fell asleep.

The kids, who normally are not big fans of being dirty, were happy to be dirty.

At least until they realized they were dirty, then they pestered me incessantly to change their clothes.  The kids were generally good helpers around the campsite, too.  They enjoyed helping take down the tent

and pack everything up to go home.

I'm not sure what that says about their opinion of camping, but I'm always happy to have a helpful set of hands. 

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