Monday, September 17, 2012

Calling In Reinforcements

The weekend after we moved into our new home, we called in more reinforcements for unpacking help.  My mom,
my sister-in-law's mom (aka Emma's other grandma) and our good friend, Terri

and cousin Emma came for the weekend.

The kids ate,


emptied the dishwasher,

 performed table chores,

helped with the high stuff

and ate some more.  We even had our neighbor friend, Dacia, over for a meal.

Despite the pictoral evidence at the start of this post to the contrary, which happen to be the only pictures snapped of the grandmas and I the entire weekend, they worked tirelessly, too.  They helped me fill our pantry, sort out the billion bins of kids clothes in the basement, repack and reorganize the bins, pack up things for donation, and whatever else I threw at them. 
Emma has since informed me that she's coming back for a whole week next summer.

I think that's great news.  My floors and dishwasher are waiting.

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